Deliver Solutions
Through Successful Programs

CP&S Management


China Projects & Solutions

Change Programs & Services

Customer Perception & Satisfaction

From the above it is easy to extract that China Changes Customers. Their behavior, their expectations, their demands and the way they purchase.

In Europe we're not always ready for what China does, and we don't need to be. Cultures are different and we need to respect that.

CP&S brings these worlds together. Chinese knowledge is brought into Europe and the other way around. Enabling Chinese Customers to have easy access to European Producers and enabling European Brands to have easy access to Chinese Manufacturers.


Deliver Excellence

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The same goes for Excellence.
One can only truly excel if it is recognized by others. Colleagues, Partners, Customers.

Our Mission is to excel by making you excel.

We achieve this by;

  • Knowing your business
  • Knowing your customers and their expectations
  • Understanding your goals
  • Running programs to deliver lasting solutions

New Competitors

IT companies have had to start to deal with cheap knowledge labour from India mid 90's. At the same time, cheap operational labour-operations started to move to China & Eastern-Europe. It took a while longer before production-type companies in Western-Europe started to notice a real competition. Since a few years, it is very real. This new competition asks for new solutions. Customers will want to understand why they need to pay a premium price just to have their products made or serviced in Western-Europe. Companies need to re-think their strategy and run the right programs to change accordingly. It is definitely possible to win also this competition, although it's not an easy fight.